Start Program

Selection criteria

The operational team meets many entrepreneurs each year. They assess the purpose of their request (information, support, funding, etc.) and the maturity of their project.

  • The company must have been created in Brussels
  • Must have validated their market, have clients, sales and a community
  • Be the majority shareholder of the company
  • Aim to create at least 5 sustainable jobs within 3 years
  • Respect the founding values of the network, which are: people, reciprocity and free support
  • Be 100% dedicated to the project

The program

A monthly meeting with an experienced entrepreneur over a two-year period to gain perspective and see the wider picture

Different activities and events organized throughout the year and available in 4 formats: learning, sharing, coaching & networking

A network made up exclusively of entrepreneurs with whom to exchange during the various REB meetings

Permanent access to a complete library of documents aligned with the different needs of our entrepreneurs

The selection process

  1. Meeting

    Meet with a member of the operational team

  2. Application

    A classic pitch and financial plan

  3. Pre-validation

    3 meetings with 3 members of the REB to challenge you and prepare you for the committee

  4. Selection committee

    Once you’re ready, you’ll pitch in front of a panel of around 10 members


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