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Emanuele Buttice and Maurizio Chicco 
supported by Georges Caron

Why become a mentee?

No entrepreneur should feel alone. Join our community to make a success of your entrepreneurial project and create sustainable employment in Brussels.

Entrepreneurs say it themselves: help is needed throughout the entire entrepreneurial journey. Receiving support enables you to combat isolation, discuss your project, identify opportunities, build a support network and get funding for your project.

Our 4 support programs

  • Program Start

    Two-year individual and group support provided exclusively by entrepreneurs.

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  • Program Booster

    A programme for companies who want to scale up, define their growth objectives and identify the levers that will enable them to achieve their ambitions, both on a strategic and operational level.

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  • Program Forward

    Forward is the accelerator for companies with a strong social or environmental impact.

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  • Program Oasis

    Individual support for entrepreneurs facing difficulties.

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Free individual and group support based on human values and reciprocity, provided in 4 different ways

An experienced entrepreneur (member) helps a less-experienced entrepreneur (mentee) to gain perspective on the problems and challenges they’re facing.

A series of practical, hands-on workshops on technical subjects given by network members or mentees.

Sharing experiences between network entrepreneurs from the same sector, or on a common issue, in the form of round tables or inspiring testimonials.

4 fun and social events each year, designed to create bonds within the community.

  • François van Derton

    Gin in the box


    It took me a while to realise what the network could do for me, and I think it’s linked to the development phases of a business. At certain stages, we need to be able to share, be challenged and tackle the problems we face. And it’s not always easy finding opportunities to discuss these with entrepreneurs who have gone through these same phases. Through the REB network, I’ve found a family of entrepreneurs who are driven by project successes. Members are only too happy to share and exchange ideas in a spirit of goodwill during selection committees, activities, boot camps or through supporting others.A certains moments, on a besoin de partager, de se faire challenger, de confronter les problèmes que nous rencontrons. Et ce n’est pas facile de pouvoir en discuter avec des personnes entrepreneurs qui sont passées par ces phases.  J'ai trouvé dans le réseau entreprendre une famille d'entrepreneur qui est habité par la réussite des projets.  Les membres ne demandent qu'à partager et échanger dans la bienveillance, que cela soit lors de comités de sélection, d'activités, de bootcamp ou des accompagnements.
  • Aushim Koumar



    The REB is a lot more than a network; it’s a caring community that stimulates, inspires, promotes growth and connects the best entrepreneurs in Brussels! When I was a mentee with Konligo, we were lucky enough to have a great mentor coaching us, lots of training sessions, many discussions amongst entrepreneurs and some unforgettable networking experiences. I’ve since crossed over to the other side of things and am looking forward to continuing these fruitful exchanges and having fun again within this community and its very skilled, approachable and lovely operational team, who are always willing to listen and help.