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Sébastien Van Ingelgem & Bertrand Roland

Why become a member?

So you can share your experience as a seasoned entrepreneur, belong to a community of entrepreneurs and keep connected to Brussels-based start-ups.

Become a member


How do I get involved?

As a member of the judging panel for the selection of new mentees and in pre-validating applications

Either individually or in groups for start-ups

Your experience during workshops

Start-ups on more specific topics

At events where you can meet people and share ideas in a fun and friendly environment.


Feedback from our members is unanimous: when you become a Network member, you get back what you give, or even more!

Become a member

  • Be or have been an entrepreneur
  • Have a willingness to share your experiences, your failures and successes, and best practices
  • Be aligned with the values of the Network